Coko fernandez

Coko Fernandez

Coko Fernandez began tattooing in 1990. He started using tattoo machines from different manufactures from that time. Later in 1998 his curiosity and his ambition to improve on the making of tattoo machines brought him to make his first, very own tattoo machine. After a few tests he realised he needed more information to improve, and he found it in friends, with backgrounds in different areas of work. But the most information came from tattoo artists and their requirements. Throughout the years Coko Frenandez became one of the most important influences in the manufacturing of tattoo machines in Europe and around the world. He travelled offering workshops and working in the most important tattoo shows in the world, such as London Tattoo Convention, Paris Tattoo Convention, Milan, Barcelona, New York, California, Canada, New Jersey, Brazil, Moscow and many, many more. He also works with world famous artists, like Robert Hernandez, Toshio Shimda, Hany Hengel, Jess Yen and even collaborate on some projects together. They really enjoyed working together so much, Coko was inspired to create a series of machines for each of these artists. Currently he is the proud owner of Toledo Irons and Mad House Factory in Spain.
During his time in Berlin will be offering a tattoo machine workshop. Keep an eye on this page, we will keep everybody update on his times and dates and all topics he will be speaking about.

We want to thank Coko Fernanderz for taking time out of his busy world-wide schedule to join us in Berlin.